11 thoughts on “Photos

  1. What a wonderful blog, can’t wait for more posts. I, too, have a little pup (a Boston Terrier named Gucio) in a wheelchair. It’s great that you are taking such good care of him.


  2. He is beautiful! That photo of him at the beach looking out over the water is fantastic. I saw a story on TV a few weeks ago about an woman who rescued a piglet that was born with a spinal deformity. The pig’s hind legs didn’t work, and she had fashioned a wheelchair very similar to Geoff’s. The pig had grown up using this device and seemed very happy! I think they were in north QLD…did you see it?


    • Hi, the beach photo is my favourite photo of Geoff! I know the pig, his name is Chris P Bacon. Its wonderful to see people care for animals so much


  3. Merry Christmas to Geoff and his two Dads from the black toy poodle Mr Darcy and from Don and Linzi his Daddy and Mummy. We really enjoy watching Geoff’s adventures with his two loving Dad’s.

    Have a good one all three!


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