Oscar’s Law

I read a timely story in one of the weekend magazines a couple of weeks ago. It was about puppy mills and one persons crusade to combat the shameful way in which these farms operate to make money for their owners by mass producing puppies for sale by pet shops and on the internet. I think it is such a great thing to see this campaign gain momentum, and if you have the time to support the campaign or at least share it on facebook and twitter that would be great. The website www.oscarslaw.org has got some well written letters that are easy enough to send to members of parliament in an attempt to make these practices illegal and promote dog rescue as well

I love looking at the puppies in the pet shop as much as anyone, but please re-think your choices when it comes to buying a puppy. There are so many that already need homes that we can rescue and put an end to unregulated, unnecessary production of pets.

Geoffy would agree I'm sure!!

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