Big day out to go visiting!

It was a very big day for Geoff visiting friends and family in Singleton. The afternoon ride home was was very quiet, the normal fidgeting and groans to be petted were replaced by a very sleepy boy resting after a big day. First stop was a visit to my sisters. After inspecting every room in the house it was straight outside for Geoff to play with Stormy.  Stormy was not too interested in playing instead preferring to sniff Geoff’s nappy and wheels. This however didn’t deter Geoff who still managed to burn some rubber around the yard. Luckily when it started to rain Ella was close by with her umbrella.

Next stop Mum and Dads and another little black dog to play with. After a quick stop outside for a drink and some food we headed indoors. Preferring to slide on the carpet rather than roll, Geoff and Satchy rumbled around the lounge room much to mums delight. She found Geoff’s method for getting around quite amusing Geoff however tired very quickly of Satchys rough and tumble and chose to rest on the lounge instead.

Last stop on our road trip was a visit to Nana Pam’s. Its been a while since Geoff last visited nana Pam’s and in fact the last time Geoff could walk. No little black dogs to annoy Geoff at this place just aunty Christine to give him lots of attention. a little bit of a gossip and catch up with Nana and we were back on the road for the long trip home.

Through the loud music and my even louder singing a very tired Geoff snuggled into his little round bed on the front seat occasionally opening an eye to check on me.

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