Geoffy’s Christmas Message

Not too many sleeps now – all the shopping is done, the tree is up – bought in from the garage still fully assembled from last year in all its pink glory. Geoff ‘helped’ wrap presents which was pretty funny. People always say that kids like the paper better than what’s inside, well same goes for the four legged kids too, although he always knows which presents are for him!

With all the presents wrapped it’s time to get in the festive mood by battling crowds to get a good position at the Carols by Candleight, I suppose it’s a bit of a tradition in my family to go, we always had so much fun as kids packing up an esky singing our little hearts out. I’m glad to report that nothing has changed, the daggy choir and orchestra are still in their time warp and the esky was still there; albeit filled with more ‘spiritual’ items, which assisted us in still singing our little hearts out. No fireworks though, the GFC must have hit hard this year, I remember it going much longer, anyway, still fun night out for all of us!!

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Hope everyone has a great Christmas, don’t forget it’s only one day of the year where we should make an effort to think about other people more than ourselves, enjoy your family and friends company, and be safe if you are on the road.

Merry Christmas


Geoff and his two dads


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