Physio for Geoffy

On Saturday we went on a road trip to Sydney to visit the Physiotherapist for Geoffy. Up early we set off on the freeway for a 2 hour drive to visit Kristine the physio. The place was really nice and there was a big dog in the hydrotreadmill doing some exercise. We had to give Geoffy’s history, and she seemed to connect well with him and offered some good ideas for exercising his little back legs.

After this, it was time for some acupuncture, which is really difficult to give Geoff because he rarely sits still long enough to do anything, but he was good and let Kristine put about 20 needles in him, saying he will fall asleep probably… He didn’t fall asleep at all… he sat there wanting to play and be pat the whole time and eventually after about 15 minutes shook half the needles out.

So we re-booked for next week to go back again for some more therapy, we don’t expect any miracles of course, but feel like we should give anything a try to give him the best opportunities. We know he secretly walks around when we aren’t home… he just likes being carried everywhere!

Back in the car and of course straight to sleep, what a life!

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