Treading Carefully

For the last three Saturdays, we have taken off to Sydney to see the lovely Kristine at Sydney Animal Physiotherapy to get acupuncture and therapy for Geoffy. It has been fun really, it’s nice to go for a road trip and have a change of scenery. Last Saturday we stopped off at Suspension for coffee and a toastie then made our way down to Leichhardt.

Me and Geoffy having some breakfast

After Geoffy’s massage, acupuncture, and a catch up on Geoff’s progress it was time for a turn on the treadmill. We had seen other dogs in there before but it was Geoff’s turn to see if the buoyancy might encourage some movement. As we expected, those little back legs don’t have much going on, and just flopped around in the water, so we’ll continue to do exercises and build up some strength so that if his brain decides to talk to his legs there will be something there to hold him up!

Geoffy has always like the water so we’ll try our own version at home in the bath, so a couple of weeks off from going to Sydney but no rest for the wicked! Sorry Geoffy – plenty of exercise at home, we might leave acupuncture to the experts though!


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