Fun in the Park

We are so lucky to live in a suburb close to a dog park,even luckier that there is a car wash close by as well. So after all the rain we took the car down for some attention and Geoffy out to have a play in the park with the other dogs. Unfortunately, there was no other dogs in the park to talk to, probably because it was more like a swamp and resembled a mosquito breeding ground.

However, there were people in a ‘laugh club’ bless their hearts, I assume the premise is to make each other laugh to stimulate a release of endorphins. Watching people in a park randomly laughing certainly made me laugh! Thankfully there was a dog on the walking track happy to stop and have a chat to Geoff. It’s so funny to see other dogs react to Geoffys wheels, they don’t really know what to think! I’d love to know what they are saying to each other…maybe they’re laughing!

The other good thing is that the park is just far enough to justify driving to because our little Geoffy gets pretty worn out after a run around! So after a walk around time to head home for a nap I think!

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