What has Geoffy been up to?

While we have been traveling Geoff has spent time at his grandparents having his own vacation. I remember as a child there was nothing better than spending time at my grandparents’ house, it was always a lot of fun and we were always spoilt rotten. Being grandparents to a dog is no different and Geoff always loves visiting and is so excited when we turn into their street, somehow he knows where he is going and can’t wait to get out of the car.

Geoff’s vacation has been one full of long lazy days sleeping on the warm and sunny verandah keeping an eye neighbourhood backyard activity. Geoff, quite concerned by the noise the new neighbours moving in next door were making, let them know he was keeping watch by saying hello with some friendly barking.

Watching Gramps from the soft fluffy grass maintain the pool, watching TV while receiving lots of cuddles and being fed lots of juicy steak have made Geoff a very lucky doggy indeed. Geoff’s vacation hasn’t only been about rest and relaxation there has been lots of exercise each day to keep up his physiotherapy routine. He hasn’t always been too happy about this interrupting his relaxation though.

We love to travel and see the world and it’s always a shame he can’t come along with us. it’s amazing to see dogs in European countries tagging along to bars, shops, cafes and public transport, Geoff would love it there. When we are away we always can’t wait to be back with Geoff. Hopefully he’ll be just as excited to see us, as we will be to see him after being apart for such a long time.

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2 responses to “What has Geoffy been up to?”

  1. Your dog seems very happy. I’m trying to get ideas about how from now on, improve the well being of my dog. She became recently handicapped. I am curious how the yoga mat helps Geoff? Hoe and when you use it. And also the best way u give him a bath 😊


    1. Hi Melissa,

      Check out handicappedpets.com for lots of products designed to improve life for pets with disabilities. The yoga mat is used for Geoff to do exercises such as standing and squatting as well as used rolled up to help support his tummy when he is standing to eat.

      As for bathing, he can take a bath just like other dogs and this is also a great way to do a bit of water therapy on his legs, we fill the bath up to neck height so he can stand and then do leg cycling.

      Hope this helps!


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