Breakfast in the burbs

It was really nice of Heather and her family to have us out for breakfast last weekend. Unfortunately there aren’t too many places that we can go out for breakfast with Geoffy in Newcastle so it was great to be able to take him along with us. The bonus is that Heather put on a great spread and Geoffy especially enjoyed the sausages.

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Geoffy wore his little wondersuit because it was soooo cold and so cute – I don’t think it went above 10 degrees till midday! Of course there were lots of pats from everyone and plenty of attention from the kids, even a bit of a dance to “Biebs”. Before too long Geoffy was scooting around the house like it was his own and exploring the back yard for anything interesting to chase, till it was all a bit too much and time to have some cuddles and a little sleep.

Hope we can visit again soon!



One response to “Breakfast in the burbs”

  1. Beautiful morning with geoff and his two dads. Loved the catch up, dance and watching Geoffy with the kids. Another trip is definitely on the cards.


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