A little bit Springy

Even though there’s still one week to go, spring was definitely in the air this weekend. The weather was perfect for a few chores around the house. Being away from home and a lot of awful weather lately had meant a few little jobs had been neglected. So after a lazy morning and a late breakfast we decided to tackle these little jobs. Geoff, of course was right beside ever willing to help.

First we did a bit of gardening. We put the shovel to good use by digging out some big thorny weeds careful not to prick ourselves. Then it was time to fire up the whipper snipper and attack the over grown grass; or should I say weeds. I don’t think we will be winning any gardening awards this year. Geoff insisted on keeping watch over all this activity even though the grass and dirt sprayed over his head, nothing a quick shake off couldn’t fix. Half way through our gardening groove Mum and Dad popped in to say hello and kept Geoffy entertained while I finished the job. Never one to miss a photo op, Geoff posed for a photo with Mum and Dad wishing them a Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary.

After a quick break for Tea and Coffee Mum and Dad headed off to do a bit of shopping so we got back to our chores. Using a few too many tools James and Geoff put some number plate protectors on the car, Geoff was very helpful ensuring the right screwdriver was used and that James committed no harm to our new car. Back inside I broke out the paint brush and finished painting a second coat on the hallway boards. Geoff joined in keeping his keen eye on my handy work and perfect brush strokes. No Runs!

The best way to finish off our big day around the house was for Geoff and I to relax on the comfy lounge watching re runs of the Golden Girls. James finished off a perfect little day by cooking a yummy lamb roast. Mmmm!

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