Picnic in the Park

The first day of spring didn’t disappoint. The sky was blue, the sun wonderfully warm and the park alive with lots of families, friends, and of course our four legged furry friends. With a very full Esky in tow we found our spot of nice soft green grass, unrolled the picnic rug, kicked off our shoes, and enjoyed the warmth of the day. The kids played some ball games and hide and go seek while we repositioned our rugs to a sunnier spot in the park. We laid back on our rugs and fold out chairs let the kids and a nearby wedding entertain us and grazed all afternoon on the yummy food.

Always excited when other dogs are around Geoff tried his best throughout the day to play with them but they were a bit unsure how to take his eagerness and strange set of wheels. Undeterred, Geoff found attention from other picnickers who were fascinated by his fancy wheels, they ensured he got lots of attention and plenty of head rubs. In the afternoon Max, Lucy and Jonah joined Geoff and our little party in the park to complete a perfect Spring day filled with lots of furry kids!

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