A different set of Wheels

We all returned home from a quick holiday yesterday. Geoff took the opportunity for some R&R at his favorite destination, his Grandparents, and we flew back from a short OS trip.
it’s fair to say the house and yard have been neglected lately. Maintenance has not been a priority, if there is a choice between home duties or anything else, the anything else usually wins out.

To help avoid the after holiday depression that normally sets in and the inevitable sleeping all day to “recover” we decided it would be best to keep ourselves busy. Not letting the heat form the hot sun stop us the garage and gardens won a little long over due affection. We hired a skip bin and got to cleaning, chopping and chucking – the old outdoor furniture went in the skip while Geoff spent a good part of the working bee beating the heat under the shade of the clothesline surfacing in the afternoon when the southerly hit.

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The wheelbarrow provided a comfy viewing point for Geoff and a chance for him to try out a different set of wheels. We enjoyed the sunny afternoon testing out the new outdoor furniture with a well earned coffee/bacon treat break, and worn out from a big day of sleeping, resting and being pushed around, Geoff snuggled on the lounge, his favorite spot in the house, for an evening of more resting and sleeping. We ate yummy pizza and caught up on episodes of Prisoner… How good is The Freak!


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