Where in the World are the Geoff’s?

A little while ago in a dimly lit room, a few sheets of calico, some cushion stuffing, a few yards of cotton and some busy hands gave life to four little Geoff Dolls. Armed with a Journal and a snug little case these four little Geoff Dolls set off to spread our little message across four different continents around the world.

Geoff #1 was snapped having snow fights and making Snowmen in Thredbo, Australia. Geoff #2 visited temples, did some fishing and hung with the locals In Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Clang! Clang! Clang! went the trolley In San Francisco with Geoff #3 doing his best Judy and Geoff #4 relaxed in Paris under the Eiffel tower, the smelly cheese making his belly grumble.

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But where are the Geoff’s now? They have been very quiet, it’s been a few months since they’ve checked in. They’re probably taking a rest, after all being a globetrotter is seriously hard work especially when you’re making new friends. If you have seen these cute and sometimes naughty little dogs please take a photo and make a little note in his journal and post it to Geoff’s Facebook page.


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