It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas

With Christmas fast approaching we thought we better get moving and start adding a little Xmas cheer around the home before its all over for another year. Now, people who know me know I’m pretty much the Grinch when it comes to celebrating Christmas, however this year, rather than pulling against jolly old saint Nick, avoiding Christmas festivities like the plague or groaning every time I hear a Christmas carol, I thought it might do me well to try something different this year.

So today we set play to a Christmas playlist, dragged the Chrissie tree out of the shed and started joining in the Christmas celebrations. Geoff, not too fussed with Bing Crosby serenading us made a beeline straight for one of his Christmas presents pulling it out of the shopping bag. Not too happy with it being taken away and shoved into his stocking, he spent the next hour sitting in front of the fireplace whinging for it sounding like a monkey and not daring to take his eyes off it.

Stockings in place, Christmas tree alight, a little bit of Bing, Geoff crying for his Christmas present, James jamming along with a few tunes on the piano and clowning around for some pics, this Christmas thing might just be fun after all!













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