Merry Christmas

Well Xmas finally arrived as it usually does, the end of the world didn’t stand a chance against the man in red this year. Geoff was awake early having been awake most of the night, disturbed by something outside. Perhaps the reindeers were keeping him up? Finally, after many days of Geoff crying and staring at his stocking hanging on the fireplace, today was the day. Not wanting to delay him from seeing what was inside any longer we dutifully got up, popped him in his wheels and set about opening the presents.

Geoff got straight to work on his stocking, more interested in chewing the bones off of it than finding out what was inside. With a bit of help and encouragement he found some treats and a stuffed toy buried within. Geoff set to work immediately on destroying the plush toy and opening the bag of treats, sampling a bit of each chew stick.

With the exchanging of gifts complete in our house we set about visiting relatives for the rest of the day. We packed up the rubbish and what was left of Geoff’s bag of treats. We packed the car full of presents. Geoff, not helping a great deal, was far too excited at the prospect of going for a ride in the car. Excitedly he ran from side to side of the car waiting to get in. Up he hopped into his car seat, a very happy dog ready for a big day!








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