Nasty Cat

Anyone having the pleasure of meeting Geoff would know what a sweet little dog he is. All creatures big and small can count on Geoffy wanting to be their friend… whether they feel the same or not.

Out for a walk last week we stumbled on a Grey cat taking a nap in the middle of the footpath. I must admit, this cat had it worked out, it was a beautiful day and what better way to spend it than soaking up some warmth from the sun.

Not really a cat fan, I was a little undecided about this cat, something in its smug gaze told me to expect trouble. Geoff, unable to sense the danger, stopped, stared and gave a little whimper which is code for “I want to play” The cat, unperturbed by a little dog with a strange set of legs, had something else in mind.

We sat on the corner willing to give this cat the benefit of the doubt by offering our friendship. Slowly the cat came our way. Curiously he stopped in front of us, pressed his face closely to Geoff’s, calmly gave a little sniff and without warning arched, hissed and took a swipe. Luckily I was on high alert and held a firm grip on Geoff’s lead. We were able to pull away without injury. My other hand tightly gripped on my phone ( no surprise to people who know me ) managed to snap an action shot.

Without fuss the cat simply walked away and resumed his sun baking position. Geoff confused by the swiftness of it all continued on his walk. Needless to say we walked back the way we had came and left the cat in peace.






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