Camping Caper

Not long after the sun popped up we headed off on our little camping adventure. Geoff excitedly inspected the cars as we packed, running backward and forwards, eager to get in and get this trip started. we made a quick stop at the local supermarket to buy last minute supplies, the boys shopped while Geoff and I waited outside and guarded the ute. Geoff insisted on inspecting the ute to make sure Tim had the supplies tied down correctly, Geoff was happy with Tim’s effort and we set off down the road.

We arrived at our destination, the Partridge Dairy. The weather was perfectly beautiful and the scenery lush and green. We found a lovely spot by the river and set up camp. The essential tent was quite a struggle to set up, a few false starts, a little bit of tension but we finally got there in the end. The boys set off in search of fire wood, Geoff James and I set up the rest of camp. Did I mention the flies were outrageously out of control?

An afternoon of cricket, footy throwing in the river and a few beers, we built a fire on the sand, set it to full throttle and settled in for the evening. Geoff’s wheels pretty much just bogged in the sand so he relaxed on the camping chair and watched the festivities. Before the night set in Geoff had a visit from Bill the farm dog. They did the usual dog things, a little growling, sniffing in all the wrong places and went about their business as usual.

We toasted marshmallows, as you do around a campfire, played a bit a Jenga, successfully turning it into a drinking game and enjoyed lots of laughter with great friends around the warm campfire.

To be continued….







3 responses to “Camping Caper”

  1. He is the cutest dog and you look after him so well. My 12 year old Jack looks very similar in colouring and facial expression.


    1. Thank you Linzi, he’s a great little dog and we love taking care of him. Your little jack must be a cutie as well 😁


  2. What a fab trip…..can see that Geoff is enjoying the fun.
    He also reminds me of our Bertie. x


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