Rainbow Bracelet Project

Our lovely friends, all the way over in Oregon, have started the Rainbow Bracelet Project to raise the awareness of LGBT equality… Read below

“The purpose of the Rainbow Bracelet Project is to connect LGBT and allies and show the world with our bracelets that we support equality for LGBT people. When someone asks you about your bracelet, you can tell them where you got it and why you are wearing it. Use the bracelet as an opportunity to discuss LGBT equality with others”.

We have ours, Geoff may need to keep the orders coming though, something tells me his little teeth are going to chew through his as soon as he gets the chance. You can order yours on the above link and help raise awareness of LGBT inequality.

$1 From Each Bracelet Sold Donated to an LGBT Organization

One dollar from each bracelet sold will be donated to an LGBT organization: Pride Northwest or Born This Way Foundation (it’s your choice).

Pride Northwest: Pride Northwest is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization which is home to the annual Portland Pride™ Parade & Festival.
Born This Way Foundation: Led by Lady Gaga & her mother Cynthia, Born This Way Foundation will build a youth empowered, braver and kinder world.





3 responses to “Rainbow Bracelet Project”

  1. Lovely to see you including Geoff in your special relationship.

    Love Jack.

    (my photo is attached – by the way my 12th birthday is on Tuesday)


    1. Thanks Jack and Don – hope you have a great birthday, can’t see your pic though??? X


  2. Yay! I love this! Thanks so much for promoting the project, guys! You’re the best! ❤


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