How a little puppy came to live with his Two Dads


How a little puppy came to live with his Two Dads…

With all of the buzz around Geoff and his Two Dads, I thought it may be nice to share how a fat little puppy from a local farm came to live with his Two Dads.

Not many people know this, but before Geoffy came along there was another little dog taking up a bit of room in our lives. This little dog, perfectly house trained and smelling of Versace Blue Jeans was also named Geoff. He took his name from James’ favourite Aussie TV chef Geoff Jansz and became the perfect companion on a lonely night. Sitting atop a bookcase in our bedroom, Geoff the stuffed toy, long since replaced, still keeps us company, his white fur now grubby, the Versace scent long gone.

13 years ago we bought our first home and the number one item needed to complete our home was a real little Geoff. After a bit of research we found a local breeder on a little farm in the Hunter Valley, so one sunny weekend we drove to the farm to find ourselves a real Geoff. After a quick hello to the mum and dad dogs, we were shown the puppies.

Tucked neatly into a warm little pen were 7 little puppies. All but 3 had already been selected, the different coloured ribbons around their necks signified they had been chosen. 2 boys and a girl were all that remained. The breeder separated the nervous snuggling puppies so we could have a closer look. They clumsily walked about bumping into one another, one of the male puppies waddled about whimpering, desperately trying to get back to the comfort of his siblings, his fat round tummy, and little stumpy legs not keen on this walking thing…perhaps a sign of things to come!

We both agreed that the fat little puppy with the stumpy legs was our real Geoff. He was given his red ribbon, his two dads hearts, and put back into the comfort of the other 6 puppies. Too young to take on the day, we set off home not really knowing how much this puppy would change our lives.

Two weeks later Geoff, wearing his red ribbon, waited for his new dads with the last puppy, the other 5 puppies already taken to their new homes. Somehow, with all of the excitement, we forgot to buy a bed for him so a white washing basket packed with soft blankets became a makeshift dog carrier for the journey home. We drove home, Tina Arena providing the soundtrack for Geoff’s first adventure. Geoff sat securely in the white washing basket and cried all the way home… James reckons it was because he had to listen to Tina Arena!

So that’s how Geoff came to live with his Two Dads. At times he catches a glimpse of original toy Geoff and cries for us to let him play with him. We know that he really wants to chew his nose off and rip out all of the stuffing like all of his other toys.

Sorry, Geoff, we’re onto you!







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