Tomato Trouble

Around 2 years we started work on a project about Geoff. The idea was to create a series of interactive BookApp about a handicapped dog and his two Dads that may delight young children and their parents all the while delivering a subtle little message.

So here we are, around 2 years later and we have finally launched the first BookApp in the Geoff and his Two Dads series, Tomato Trouble!

We are so proud of the final result and the incredible amount of work that Jeff Wannberg from Wompi Studios has put into the finished product. Of course we are biased but we think the illustrations byTanya Cooper are absolutely beautiful and the work by Victor Andersen, our app coder, magnificent!

So we are now in Apple iTunes Store and its time to tell the world. We apologise in advance to our family and friends but we will be spamming social media to let the world know about Geoff 🙂

We are also supporting the great work The It Gets Better Project do for LGBT youth by donating a portion of each sale to the project





2 responses to “Tomato Trouble”

  1. Great work guys. I have downloaded the App and I intend to show it to my partner’s grandchildren. The messages are subtle and yet powerful.


    1. thanks Linzi – thats really lovely of you, we enjoy the subtlety of the message as well x


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