Dairy Tavern

I never did continue the …to be continued part of our camping trip a while back so here goes. Just when we thought we could not have any more fun on our camping trip we managed to raise the fun bar and spend the day at the Dairy Tavern, a little dairy milking shed converted into a Tavern not far from our campsite. Carmen’s Brother Phil and their Father renovated the shed themselves and were kind enough to invite us over for to the Tavern for a yummy roast lunch cooked in a camp oven.

When we arrived Geoff, never one to miss out on the action, did his usual inspection taking in the Dairy tavern, the outhouse and the many cows taking shelter from the hot sun under a nearby tree. The Cow’s nor Geoff knew quite what to make of each other. After a few Moo’s and a few restless cautious woofs it was time to get out of the hot sun and back to the comfort of the Dairy Tavern. On return, much to Geoff’s surprise and amusement, we discovered a cute little cattle dog puppy sleeping in Geoff’s bed. We posted about this earlier.

As the day grew longer we amused ourselves with games and the company of a few neighbours. We watched the sun set over the gorgeous Aussie scenery, the heat faded and the cold night air crept in. Geoff kept himself busy with the working farm dogs Bill and his mother Kelly, we even got a show watching the dogs round up the cattle for the night, Geoff did not participate 😁. It all got a bit too much for Geoff as we partied on into the night, seeking comfort in the bottom of my shirt doubled as a sling. He nestled in and slept the rest of the night away.










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