14km’s to Adamstown

Our friend Bob suggested we go for a morning bike ride, so i dusted off the cruiser in the shed, put a bit of air in the tyres, popped on the ugly helmet, strapped myself with 7kg’s of Geoff and put foot to pedal.

As is usually the case, being a local means you sometimes miss the cool stuff in your own backyard and i gotta say i had missed Fernleigh Track up until now. An old rail line from Newcastle to Belmont through beautiful Aussie bushland makes the perfect cycling track.

30km round trip riding in one gear I murdered my quads while Geoff relaxed in his new pouch, the warm sun on his face, his ears flapping in the cool breeze. Always one to bring attention, Geoff ensured the families and fitness fanatics passed by with a smile.








2 responses to “14km’s to Adamstown”

  1. I was searching for how long it should take to cycle the Fernleigh track when I came across this blog. Firstly, what a wonderful little family you are! Thank you for bringing a huge smile to my face with your lovely adventures, Geoff and Dad’s! Secondly, thanks for the best pictures of the track that I have seen so far. Can’t wait to check out the track. I will keep an eye out for Geoff and his Dad’s too.


    1. Thank you Mel, Geoff often brings a smile to people’s faces 🙂 Fernleigh track was a great little surprise for us, it’s a beautiful piece of Newcastle. Tip…warm your legs up, there’s a few hills to burn the thighs!


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