Bacon and Egg Rolling

A view of Nobbys Beach, the warm winter sun and a bacon and egg roll is a great way to start off a Sunday Morning.


While James ordered the tucker, Geoff lapped up the opportunity to soak in the the sun and quickly found a spot resting over a ledge. Having the perfect viewpoint of Nobbys Beach, Geoff made himself known to the passing pedestrians and their four legged friends.


With Geoff locked firmly in place, James and I got stuck into our Bacon and Egg rolls like we hadn’t eaten in days. Pretty yummy and messy- note; without napkins, runny eggs are not #cleaneating…thank you James 😦

A really great coffee to seal the deal for the ride home and the morning was done!




3 thoughts on “Bacon and Egg Rolling

  1. I was wondering where you got the sling? My dog is recently paralyzed and still trying to figure out what we need to make his and our lives a little easier. Also what kind of cart is Geoff using any info would be greatly appreciated


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