Goodbye Newcastle, Hello Sydney

The last few months have been really busy, travelling a lot for work, a little bit of a sightseeing in Europe and packing up the house in preparation for our big move. There’s been no rest.

A while ago we decided we would move to Sydney and see what dreams the big city feels like throwing our way, new lifestyle, employment opportunities and a BIG playground for Geoff to experience lots of new adventures.

So the relaxation that normally comes from a vacation had to surrender to lots of boxes, lots of packing and lots of cleaning, Geoff always the willing helper. So after what seemed like forever but in actual fact only a week, we found a new home.

With the truck packed under Geoff’s careful guidance we set off before sunrise to our new home. James threw on his truckers cap and carefully zig zagged our cargo through the narrow Sydney streets to our destination, a few of my fingernails were sacrificed along the way.

A few more car loads and days of unpacking followed but now the move is complete the relaxation can finally begin. Geoff, unfazed by it all has already started getting amongst his new surroundings and so far gives it the paws up.








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