Chocolate and Bacon

The easter bunny hopped into our neighborhood again this year and like every other year he brought along far too much chocolate and like every other year we had no choice other than to eat it! Poor Geoff, not ever knowing the taste of chocolate, looks on with desperation each time he hears the crackling foil, his eyes follow and beg for the littlest piece. Fortunately for him the Easter Bunny is all too aware of the danger chocolate poses for little dogs so he made sure to bring along lots of Bacon for our annual Bacon Day celebrations.

We kicked off our Easter festivities with a pseudo camping trip at the Partridge Dairy farm. Carmen and Phil played host to the annual Bacon Day, the Dairy Tavern opening it’s doors to our celebration. We mixed chocolate and games in equal shares of bacon inspired treats, friends and a little too much alcohol. Geoff’s energy faded along with the beautiful sunset and finished off the night, keeping me warm, tucked inside my Onesie.

We farewelled Easter for another year via a picnic in the park. Sydney Park provided a nice place to spend the afternoon with family lazing under the shade of one of it’s trees. Apart from the occasional walk along the many paths in the park with Geoff we’ve never really given it too much attention, it turned out to be a nice spot to relax. The kids spun the wheels of their bikes and scooters, Geoff spun his wheels a few times too, inviting himself over to other nearby picnickers. He barked at every dog that strolled past, a couple even stopped to say hello.

The Bunny gone for another year we hopped home for an evening on the couch, as Geoff snored we consumed the last of the chocolate and prepared ourselves for a weeks worth of exercise to burn off the weekends indulgence.
Happy Belated Easter















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