Sweet Brown… Somebody’s Barbecuing!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, one would expect moving to Sydney would mean our days would be filled with many more adventures however it seems to be the opposite. Apartment living and the colder months have kept us nice and cozy tucked up inside.

Regular visits to Sydney Park and the Local Cafes with a few road trips to spin the wheels is about as adventurous as we’ve been lately, but spring is already cooking up the warmer weather and we couldn’t be happier. A new BBQ gives us an excuse to do a bit of entertaining and thankfully the ever helpful Geoff was on hand for the installation. So as we defrost from winter and the warmer months move in we’ll grab our shoes and wheels for an adventure or two and when nobody got time for that the barbecue will be fired up! There’ll definitely be some sausages coming Geoffy’s way!








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