Anti Xmas – A New Hope

Geoff’s been playing dress up as we causally prepare for Xmas this year, he’s been feeling a little elvish, part Deer and a touch Santa himself. It’s been a slow start to the festive season for us but we’v managed to shine some light over festivus adding a few decorations around the place and filling a couple of bags with gifts for the select good few.

Geoff’s cousins (my sister and her husband too) helped us crack the Bon Bon’s early this year. With lots of family members celebrating xmas in various destinations it was a good excuse to put into action our much talked about Anti Xmas which would see us staying close to home by the pool with friends for a long boozy lunch followed by an evening of games and Love Actually. We’ll see how it goes.

So our early Xmas didn’t quite go to plan, our new BBQ from IKEA caught fire and ruined the lamb and the hot weather turned cold making the afternoon swim a chilly one but all was not lost, the Selfie Stick saved the day! It got a good workout, evoked a few fights and glum faces but luckily here was a second one waiting to be opened, I’ve since seen on Facebook it’s responsible for many a selfie pose since.

The kids unwrapped their presents, Geoff tore apart his very quickly and made a beeline for the Peppa Pig doctor set. The force was not strong with Riley however, a little concerned that he only got two presents, perhaps I was a little more excited buying the Star Wars DVDs and Light Saber though I’m sure he just doesn’t realise yet that his was the coolest and the most expensive…. Light Sabers don’t come cheap these days! He’ll get what it’s all about soon, I hope! May the force be with him.

Have a wonderful Xmas from GAHTD











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