A Pouch full of Wobby Beach House.

We recently spent a few days back at Wobby Beach House, a cozy little spot tucked under towering mountains and resting on the edge of the Hawkesbury River as though part of the landscape. We washed ashore with a few of our friends for a long weekend of sunning, swimming and swilling .

Accessible only by water we departed Brooklyn marina minus some of our supplies (we had to leave half in the boot of the car, we didn’t give much thought on how were going to get them across) With half our weekend loot we skipped and bounced across the waves via water Taxi towards our destination, Geoff preferring his own transport by way of pooch pouch. For a dog that hates to be cradled too much he sure loves the relaxing confines of the dog sling. When we bought it I thought he would hate it and probably fidget and squirm around until he toppled out, instead a calmness washes over him and even in times surrounded by loud music or crowds he drifts off to sleep.

Sleep would not be an option though this weekend. If we weren’t splashing in the pool, attempting to fish, dealing cards, kayaking or exploring the Jurassic Park style bushland in the distance then we were having dance/Rap offs in the lounge room until the early hours of the morning.

The little cottage had undergone a lovely renovation over the years since we had been, a new deck, new kitchen and decor. The unchanged pool, still resting it’s cool blue water above the murky river below, is still by far the outstanding feature of the house. Some things don’t change though, Geoff still hasn’t learnt that the sound of the passing boats is not a sound that needs to be barked at, though he has learnt how to look cool in a pair of fake Ray Bans whilst resting by the pool.

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