Beach Bother – Coming Soon


A few years ago we started work on the Geoff and his Two Dads project. Our goal was to produce a children’s interactive book series inspired by the real life adventures of our very own Geoffy! Tomato Trouble was the first tale to be published in the Apple iTunes Store around 18 months ago. We received amazing feedback but we were never able to release a version for the iPhone or Android OS which meant so many people were not able to join Geoff in his adventures.

Tomato Trouble

So keeping that in mind we have decided that the Geoff’s next story, Beach Bother, will be a good old fashioned regular page turning book! Our very talented illustrator Tanya Cooper is busy bringing Geoff, Sam and his Two Dads to life as they spend a day beating the Aussie heat down at Newcastle Beach. Of course things don’t turn out exactly as they had planned…


Inside cover  page #2


We are hoping you’ll be able to read about Geoff’s day at the beach by the end of the year. More updates to follow. WOOF!


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