About Geoff

A few years ago, Geoff had to have an operation resulting from a condition known a Invertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). The operation saved his life but left him without the use of his back legs. The recovery from his operation was long as he struggled with the new restrictions and the fact that he could not run as fast as the other dogs anymore.

As they say, time heals and as time went on a new Geoff emerged. A happy and confident little dog with wheels who turns heads and brings smiles to the faces of all the people he meets, he even has is own children’s book series titled “The Adventures of Geoff and his Two Dads!” The first book, Tomato Trouble is available in the iTunes store now!

At times the Jack Russell craziness still exists but now that he’s 10, he prefers lazy days curled up on the lounge next to his dads watching TV and waiting for the next little piece of cheese, his favourite food, to come his way.” This website has been created to share the adventures that he has, in hope that the little dog that has touched so many peoples hearts can reach out to a few more.


14 responses to “About Geoff”

  1. Geoff, you are as cute as ever!


    1. I think our dog Jack Russell Milo (3 legs) and Geoff would have a lot of things in common.
      Maybe they could meet up….


  2. Oh Geoffy xxxxxx love youto bits ‘aunty Rach!’ xxxx


  3. Geoff, woof woof! Love nuggie


  4. Hola Geoffy!! I love the website…. Truly brilliant. Keep up with your adventures . Xxxx


  5. Hello from Latvia! You Are great! God is with you!:)


  6. Geoff – you are edibly gorgeous….. and remind me very much of our Bertie (who died 3 weeks ago and was a JR mix).
    You can sneek a peek at him at diplomaticdog.wordpress.com


  7. Great work with the app uncle Ad realy enjoyed all the interactive things you can do can’t wait until the next one


    1. Thanks Tayla. Really glad you like it!


  8. Woooowooooo Geoff! You are an inspiration! Nice to meet you! Woooowooooo, Ku http://www.haikubyku.com


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