Chocolate and Bacon

The easter bunny hopped into our neighborhood again this year and like every other year he brought along far too much chocolate and like every other year we had no choice other than to eat it! Poor Geoff, not ever knowing the taste of chocolate, looks on with desperation each time he hears the crackling foil, his eyes follow and beg for the littlest piece. Fortunately for him the Easter Bunny is all too aware of the danger chocolate poses for little dogs so he made sure to bring along lots of Bacon for our annual Bacon Day celebrations. We … Continue reading Chocolate and Bacon

Where in the World are the Geoff’s?

A little while ago in a dimly lit room, a few sheets of calico, some cushion stuffing, a few yards of cotton and some busy hands gave life to four little Geoff Dolls. Armed with a Journal and a snug little case these four little Geoff Dolls set off to spread our little message across four different continents around the world. Geoff #1 was snapped having snow fights and making Snowmen in Thredbo, Australia. Geoff #2 visited temples, did some fishing and hung with the locals In Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Clang! Clang! Clang! went the trolley In San Francisco with … Continue reading Where in the World are the Geoff’s?

Sunday Morning

When the Newcastle weather is this good it must be taken advantage of. So we dragged Geoff out of bed and headed to Estabar for a coffee and croissant and a nice sunny spot to soak up the warmth of the Sun. The morning wouldn’t be complete without a stroll along the Beach and drive along Newcastle’s beautiful coastline. Geoff sniffed the breeze from his car viewing platform ie his car seat. All this morning activity makes for two sleepy boys, time for a rest I’d say! Continue reading Sunday Morning

Physio for Geoffy

On Saturday we went on a road trip to Sydney to visit the Physiotherapist for Geoffy. Up early we set off on the freeway for a 2 hour drive to visit Kristine the physio. The place was really nice and there was a big dog in the hydrotreadmill doing some exercise. We had to give Geoffy’s history, and she seemed to connect well with him and offered some good ideas for exercising his little back legs. After this, it was time for some acupuncture, which is really difficult to give Geoff because he rarely sits still long enough to do … Continue reading Physio for Geoffy

Big day out to go visiting!

It was a very big day for Geoff visiting friends and family in Singleton. The afternoon ride home was was very quiet, the normal fidgeting and groans to be petted were replaced by a very sleepy boy resting after a big day. First stop was a visit to my sisters. After inspecting every room in the house it was straight outside for Geoff to play with Stormy.  Stormy was not too interested in playing instead preferring to sniff Geoff’s nappy and wheels. This however didn’t deter Geoff who still managed to burn some rubber around the yard. Luckily when it … Continue reading Big day out to go visiting!