Veterinary Visit

Well it’s that time of year again. Off to the Vet we go. Nothing too special about the visit just a routine check up and the odd needle. The upside to having little feeling in the backside means its no big deal getting a couple of jabs. The ladies at Noah’s Ark Veterinary Clinic are always lovely to Geoff and make him feel welcome and safe however it’s probably James that needs the comfort! A clean bill of health and job done for another year. Continue reading Veterinary Visit

Hanging at home

The Aussie summer this year has mostly been too hot to leave the cool air conditioned comfort of home or too wet to bother putting on the raincoat and head outside. All of this crazy weather has made spending time out and a about difficult for Geoff so we’ve just been hanging at home. Little bit of R&R, the occasional walk around the neighbourhood, laying down some tracks in the studio and soaking in the tub. Life’s pretty good! Continue reading Hanging at home

Thank you for being a friend!

Its been busy around our house the last couple of weeks – we are getting closer to having Geoffy’s app out. There’s been a massive effort to get the final pieces of funding required to get the app to work as best it can, and it really has been a super international effort. To support the Kickstarter campaign there has been some great PR activity on twitter and from blogs in Australia and overseas – it really has been quite overwhelming. If you missed it, click on the links below to see whats been happening. The Newcastle Post—May-23–2012 Same … Continue reading Thank you for being a friend!

It’s kicking along

While we go about our dreary working lives there are some really awesome people working on the Geoffy’s app doing great work. To get the app finished Victor, the developer needs a few upgrades to his tools to keep up with the crazy pace of technology so he has launched a ‘kickstarter’ page to fund some essential hardware and software to really make the app as good as possible. If you would like to donate to the project click on this link here You will be rewarded for your generosity of course. Ps Check out this great article that … Continue reading It’s kicking along

Ye olde breakfast

Geoffy came out for breakfast with us and Aunty Carmen today, so nice to enjoy the sun and eat some yummy food! There were even other dogs at the cafe the talk to! The nice people at the cafe have a bowl of water for the four legged customers but that didn’t beat the yummy sausages that Geoff ate. We then went into the antique shop and looked around at the fun stuff that they sell and went for a ride around the beach and to the  supermarket to buy some food for a BBQ (more sausages!) – time for … Continue reading Ye olde breakfast