Sunday Morning

When the Newcastle weather is this good it must be taken advantage of. So we dragged Geoff out of bed and headed to Estabar for a coffee and croissant and a nice sunny spot to soak up the warmth of the Sun. The morning wouldn’t be complete without a stroll along the Beach and drive along Newcastle’s beautiful coastline. Geoff sniffed the breeze from his car viewing platform ie his car seat. All this morning activity makes for two sleepy boys, time for a rest I’d say! Continue reading Sunday Morning


This afternoon, Ads and Geoffy spent some time in the park playing with some new friends and going for a walk. There was plenty of activity in the park which was good to see, lots of puppies around, big dogs playing catch (Geoffy wishing he could play too) and kids playing basketball  a bit different from the usual inhabitants of Islington Park which is good to see. Geoff likes going for rides in the car as well, so after spending some time outside there was time to do some laps around the beach before it was time to pick up … Continue reading Parklife