Father’s Day

Father’s Day was quite an eventful day for Geoff. We had a morning coffee with Dad and the family before a stroll through the markets. Afterwards it was off to the water park for a picnic. There were lots of turning heads and smiles for the little dog in the wheelchair and even a little kiss from his cousin Harper. Needless to say Geoff is one worn out little puppy, I think he’ll sleep for days… Continue reading Father’s Day

Dad and Lad’s Day

It’s been a big day… Fathers day for us means a fair bit of driving, and Geoffy being spoilt by Grampy. My little brother cooked a great BBQ and I managed to squeeze in a few beers too! All that attention takes its toll though, sleep is definitely on the cards for these boys. Hope all the Dads had a great day, and got to spend it with the people they love. I know we did! Continue reading Dad and Lad’s Day